Do you own a copse ?

Cutting in season of the coppers of chestnuts

We realize the cutting of your thickets, in respect of the physiology of the tree. The trees like the oaks, beeches,... are preserved. The coppice is renewed in 10 - 15 years.

The season is from September - October to May -June

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A good cut is to ensure that the stumps remain healthy.

The right tools
For your ground

The cuts are made by lumbering, with the chainsaw.

No big, felling machines!

If possible, logging is done using a forestry tractor. The tractor limits the settlement of your land. More maneuverable than a tank top, it does not damage the stumps.

Tracteur forestier en action

The price per hectare defini, with you, is firm. It is not rediscovered after the cut.