Fence pickets

Basic elements of the garden constructions, our pickets are made from chestnut bushes from the South Limousin region. Two possible versions: not barked or peeled in our workshops. They are then taken by hand for a clean finish.

Technical informations

The following information will help you understand how our products are designed.

1. Diameters between 6 and 18 cm

Since chestnut does not grow straight or evenly, variants may appear:
Ø 6/8 cm in aboveground may lead to a diameter Ø 8/10cm in tip.
Ø 8/10 cm in aboveground may lead to a diameter Ø 10/12cm in peak.

2. Heights between 50 and 300 cm.

The most common heights are 150cm - 180cm - 200 cm- 250cm - We can study all requests in different heights.

3. Packaging

For Ø 6/8cm : packs 50 units.

For Ø from 10 cm : packs of 25 units.

Chestnut wood, a quality and durable material.

The products we manufacture are made from coppices mined in the department of Haute-Vienne (87), and bordering Nord-Dordogne (24). Our company manufactures its products from raw bos, supplied by local actors.

Our products are not subject to any treatment. The tannin contained in the chestnut essence allows the wood to be naturally unstoppable.

The specificity of a chestnut grove lies in the fact that a stump, cut in the rules of art, grows back. It makes rejects. These are the discharges that are exploited. So the coppice is renewed in 15 years.

Forget about design limits