Doors and portal of garden

Composed of a structure in chestnut logs, chosen with care, they are 2 years old wood straight and regular. We staple half-round, hot-straightened, clean and pointed stilts.

Our gates and portals become real assets to invite to discover your garden.

The portal frame consists of recessed ties on uprights. The support is ensured through a transverse sash. The whole is screwed. On this frame, are screwed steel hinges, painted in black and galvanized flails. Hinges and stops are provided.

Technical informations

The following information will help you understand how our products are designed.

1. Our standard product

Dimension 100 cm wide for 100 cm height.

2. Custom sizes

We can realize portals and gates to the width and height you want without any problem.

3. Packaging

They are sold individually. In the case of an order of several units, 40 portals can accommodate per bay.

Chestnut wood, a quality and durable material.

The products we manufacture are made from coppices mined in the department of Haute-Vienne (87), and bordering Nord-Dordogne (24). Our company manufactures its products from raw bos, supplied by local actors.

Our products are not subject to any treatment. The tannin contained in the chestnut essence allows the wood to be naturally unstoppable.

The specificity of a chestnut grove lies in the fact that a stump, cut in the rules of art, grows back. It makes rejects. These are the discharges that are exploited. So the coppice is renewed in 15 years.

Forget about design limits